Sunday, July 16, 2017


It has really dawned on me recently that adulthood has crept up on me, mainly due to the following reasons...

1. I would much prefer to stay home on a weekend and have a few glasses of red in front of the TV with a face mask, some chocolate and lots of scented candles and fairy lights. 

2. Buying new irons, hoovers, washing machines and all other household appliances excite me. 

3. I tend to get more excited over homeware shopping than clothes shopping. 

4. I recently opened a help to buy ISA so me and the boyf might actually be able to buy a home in the next few years

5. My bed time is 11pm and I like to ensure I get my reccomended 7/8 hours sleep at night. 

6. I get excited when I actaully get ID'd in the supermarket as it rarely happens anymore. 

7. I like olives. 

8. Everyone in my year from school is now either buying a house, getting married or having babies. 

9. All of my evenings consist of doing housework. 

10. Parts of my body just genrally ache; my shoulders, my back, my hips, my knees, I'm just getting all round creaky. 

Anyone else feel like they were just launched into adulthood without even realising it?

- Alison xx

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