Friday, July 14, 2017

A DAY IN THE LIFE 14.07.17

I absolutely love watching peoples daily/weekly vlogs and gaining an insight into other peoples day to day lives. Since I don't have the balls to actually vlog my own life I thought I'd do a blog post instead to share with you just how mundane my life is! I know this will be ridiculously boring to the majority however I love stuff like this because I'm such a nosey person. 
So my day tends to start between 7am and 7:30am depending on my previous nights sleep! As soon as I get up 99% of the time I'm so hungry so breakfast is usually the first thing I do and then I feel almost human. My favourite go to brekkie at the moment is this rather unattractive concoction! It is overnight oats with a tablespoon of honey, half a tablespoon of cocoa powder and a banana. It doesn't look the most appetising but it absolutely delicious!

Breakfast eaten, dog and guinea pig fed and it's time to get myself ready. Today I opted for all black as it was grey and miserable outside and I wasn't feeling like putting in much effort cause it's Friday and I am so ready for the weekend! (Please ignore my disgusting mirror, I never know how they get so dirty! Also please ignore the horrible carpets in our house, its a rented property!)

I tend to set off around 8:30am. Work starts at 9 but I like to be at least 10 minutes early so I can have a slower start to prepare myself for the day ahead. I also love to whack on a really good Spotify playlist in the car to help put me in a good mood for the day, today's choice was 'Feel Good Friday' as I thought it was very fitting! 

Work is always really busy during the summer months so today was a bit non stop. I always have a peppermint tea to start the day because it's so tasty and apparently has all kinds of health benefits! 

As you can tell I totally forgot I was doing a day in the life and lunch was almost over before I remembered! Not that it was the most photogenic to begin with! Today's lunch as a jacket potato and beans because it was quick and easy to grab on my way out the door this morning as I forgot to prep anything last night! 

Another day of appointments and arsey customers over and done with and it is finally the weekend! Work finishes at 5:30pm and I had the pleasure of getting stuck in a shed load of rush hour traffic this evening, the joys!
Friday's tend to be food shop days. Me and Paul are really trying to make a conscious effort to save some money so I decided to go to Aldi for the weekly shop this week! A whole trolley full of stuff plus some alcoholic treats all for £60!

Friday's also tend to be pizza and wine nights in our household and we even treated ourselves to nibbles this evening too! Oh well, weekends are made for treat days!

And of course, when 9pm rolls around its Love Island time! I've also smashed all my nice wine glasses so I have to deal with these tiny ones for the time being - first world problems or what?!

Hope you enjoyed the rather dull insight into my life! If you have ever done any of these or will do one please feel free to leave your links!

- Alison xx

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