Thursday, July 13, 2017


I recently celebrated my 24th birthday and it sort of made me realise that my life is very rapidly flashing before my eyes and next year I'll actually be a quarter of a century old! So here is my quick list of things I've learned during my 24 years on this planet...

1. Adulting is HARD, just remember there are many others who have no idea what they are doing either.

2. Learning to drive is one of the best things you can do, one word - FREEDOM!

3. Taking your make up off before bed is VERY important if you want your skin to look even half decent in the morning.

4. Moisturising daily is even more important because my skin can be drier than the Sahara bloody desert.

5. Obsessing over food/weight/exercise is a complete waste of time and no fun at all.

6. It's okay to not know what you want to do with your life, just take each day as it comes and stop feeling the pressure.

7. Not everyone will like you and you will not like everyone, do not take it personally.

8. Life is short, before you know it you are 24 years old, living in a different part of the country with your boyfriend and dog and with a whole new group of friends. Who know's where you will be in another 24 years! Make the most of it!

9. Appreciate the little things, do not let life get on top of you.

10. SAVE MONEY. I may have not started early enough but at least I've now learned how to actually start saving successfully.

11. It's totally okay to have a day where you do not change from your PJ's and you just sit in bed/on the sofa and binge watch The O.C for the 74497795834782nd time and each all of the pizza and all of the chocolate and forget about all of your responsibilities for 24 hours.

12. Social media (especially you, Instagram) is not quite all as it seems! People only share the good parts, never compare your life to someone else.

13. Finding a hobby is not only rewarding but it is great to set yourself goals and step away from everything to spend time doing something you really love.

14. If you have been out for a few drinks and returned home past your bedtime always make sure to take off your make up, put on your pj's, have a snack and take up a massive drink of water to bed with you!

15. At home gel nail kits are a game changer.

16. Always take a shopping list when grocery shopping.

17. ALWAYS exfoliate before fake tanning, also don't attempt to put on fake tan without a mirror.

18. Stop holding on to clothes you might wear.

19. Appreciate your friends and family and make time to spend time with them.

20. If you're having a bad day, just remember that you'll soon be back in bed and the day will be over.

21. Don't lie in bed wondering why you can't sleep whilst endlessly refreshing twitter/instagram on your phone.

22. Being sociable is important. As much as you would like to sit and home on your own under a blanket on the sofa all night, you will not regret going out and spending some quality time with people.

23. Work hard, even if it is not something you see yourself doing years down the line, put your all into everything you do.

24. Make time for date nights.

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