Tuesday, July 05, 2016


Today I made a new instagram for OOTD posts and I'm going to try and post everday on it. If you want to follow me on it it is @alisonjessicaapparel !

Today was a work day therefore very smart and sophisticated! i love this outfit because although it looks really smart its actually really comfortable and simple.

I had such a busy day today from start to finish I'm so glad its time for me to put my feet up and chill. This evening me and Paul are indulging in a takeaway since we are feeling a little bit sorry for ourselves and I am going to to a bit of tidying up and play the sims! I'm off work tomorrow so me and my sister are taking a trip to the cinemas to see Absolutley Fabulous. I'm really excited because I grew up watching that show and I have such high hopes for the film! I will be sure to let you know my thoughts afterwards!

-Alison xx

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