Sunday, July 10, 2016


This week has been manic at work  which has really taken it out of me. It's literally been one thing after the other and I've not had a week like this in a very long time! Because of this I stopped keeping up with my pilates and yoga routine and I totally stopped eating healthy. This is what happened when I get stressed! I even saw off a bottle of wine and a couple of cocktails on Saturday night because it was much needed! 

But, it's Sunday now and tomorrow is the start of a new week so I'm gona try and get myself back on track. Paul is doing night shifts at the moment so this eveningI'm going to make a hearty Sunday tea for us then when he goes to work I'm going to stop adulting all together and spend the night playing The Sims 4 which has become my most recent guilty pleasure! 

I hope your week was a little more fun filled and exciting that mine was ! Happy Sunday! 

-Alison xx

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