Sunday, June 19, 2016


One week down being healthy and I've been pleasantly surprised! All week I've being doing my best to eat healthily and cook proper meals rather than running into Tesco on an evening for a Rustlers burger (guilty pleasure!). I got stuck in to making homemade pizza, homemade meatballs and pasta, plenty of porridge with honey and chicken and avocado wraps! I've stuck to my first full week and I'm very proud of myself! I did treat myself to a bit of chocolate and wine on Friday and Saturday night but we're allowed a little treat on a weekend!

This week me and my sister actually went back to Alton Towers, I know, twice in one month?! We were desperate to try out The Smiler since we didn't get on it last time and really wanted to go whilst the schools were back so the park would be really quiet. It was so much better and we even managed to get on everything twice as we never had to queue! Last trip for a while I bank balance does not appreciate it as much as I do!

I've also been binge watching Greys Anatomy this week. My friend at work started watching it a little while ago and urged me to give it a go too. I'm nearly up to season 4 now (not all in one week by the way!) and its so addictive! It's the perfect mix of a serious drama and comedy to lighten it up a tad as it can be quite dark at times.  I know its probably not 100% medically correct however I do also find it really quite interesting! I could never work in the medical field mind you, I'm far too squeamish and those long hours would kill me!

For my birthday this year I asked Paul for a FitBit since I'm really trying to change my lifestyle for the better. It came the other day and he was a softie and let me have it now even though it isn't my birthday til the end of the month. I've been using it since Thursday and I love it so far! I'll do a proper review after I have used it a little longer but it is definitely helping to keep me motivated and fun to use!

My plan for the rest of my Sunday evening now is to have a nice, long hot shower and a pamper and cuddle up on the sofa with my pooch to watch some rubbish TV or yet more Greys Anatomy! Hope you've had a lovely weekend and happy fathers day!

-Alison xx

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