Friday, June 10, 2016


Yes, that is the sea in the very very very far distance...

Chocolate and caramel ice cream!Oh my god!
Yesterday was a sorcher! I woke up and the whole flat was already warm so I could'nt resist getting out and about whilst I still can during my week off work. The bf had had quite a bad nights sleep so he was having a lie in so I messaged my sister to see if she was up for a last minute beach trip, and of course she was! My usual beach choice in the North West is Blackpool, simply because I know my way around there the most. However, we thought we may as well try a different part of the coast and set off to Southport.

The whole day was in the mid twenties and was so warm, definintely not something I'm used to! Unfortunately the tide was really far out, and I mean several miles(!) so we didn't get to have a paddle but we did have a lovely walk up and down the pier. After a mooch around the seaside, the shops, fish and chips for lunch and a double scoop icecream for pudding we were done in! I do love a good last minute trip out, especially when the weather is so nice as it seems so rare these days! I've been very lucky for my week off work to have such nice weather though it looks like it's going downhill from now!

In the car home I could feel and see my skin starting to burn and by the time I got home I resembled a lobster! I never burn, nor do I tan therfore I don't even own suncream. Totally my own fault and I've most definitely learned next time I'm at the coast this summer!

What are your favourite summer days out?


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