Saturday, June 11, 2016



The other day me and my sister went to Alton Towers. We planned it last month and we have been ready to burst with excitement ever since. I've got no idea as to why I was so excited as I have always been terrified of fast rides and I've never been before, however for some reason I was haha! 

Turns out, it was actually the best day ever. The first ride we went on was Galactica and I won't lie, it made me feel really sick (probably motion sickness from the VR) and I hated 99% of it. We then went straight on Nemesis before I had the chance to think about it and it was the most fun I have ever had. I think I have definitely been cured of my rollercoaster fear and we are already planning on going again as unfortunaely we did not have time to go on The Smiler as we ended up getting stuck on the cable cars for half an hour...

I would wholly recommend this for a day out as I loved every second, despite being a huge wimp! There was so much to do alongside the rides such as visiting Alton Towers themselves as well as the Sharkbait Reef Aquarium! Unfortunately, I did not get many photos as I was having too much fun to think about getting my camera out but we will most definitely be going again before the end of the year. 

What's your favourite ride at Alton Towers?! 

-Alison xx

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