Thursday, October 08, 2015

OOTD 08/10/2015

This is definitely my favourite outfit at the moment. I pretty much have worn it at least once or twice a week.

The jacket if from Topshop and I was umm'ing and aah'ing about it for a good week or two as it was around £50 and I am trying to save money. But then all f a sudden, I just couldnt resist any more and I did a bit of an impulse buy, and I definitely do not regret it. The fur on the collar is detatchable and for the first few weeks I had it I took it off as it was still not quite autumn weather. However, now its a bit cooler I decided to put it back on. See, already its two jackets in one! It's also better than any other faux leather jacket I have ever owned as it actually keeps you warm. The lining is really good quality in this, which you defintinely do not get in the £25/£30 H&M leather jackets which I bought last year.

The dress is from New Look and did not break the bank at all, I have a feeling it was around the £20 mark. I love the maroon with a slight hint of mustard, its very on an autumn trend. It is also a really flattering shape for me! Since it is quite nicely fitted I can also get away with wearing it for work as it is a good length and doesnt have a revealing cleavage neckline.

I bought the boots from New Look the same time as I ordered the dress. I have 3 pairs of brown ankle boots however, I am yet to own a black pair so I felt as though that was enough to justify buying them. They are so comfy and always my go to work shoes, especially on colder and wetter days.

Hope you enjoyed this ootd, I know it has been a while! I'm tyring to build up a more workwear friendly waredrobe, which isnt too tailoired as I do want to enjoy wearing these peices outside of work too. I do like really clean cut and tailored work wear however, I just feel I can get a lot more use out of slightly more casual peices and I wonts assocaiate them with going to work so much. I always hated wearing something on a weekend which I wore all of the time for work, it was almost like it was tainted! Hence why I want to make sure the majority of clothing peices I buy now are more smart casual and can be worn to work and also out doing the grocery shopping on a weekend.

I do need to slwoly build up my autumn winter waredrobe so hopefully there may be a few more of these in the pipline! Thanks for reading!

- Alison xx

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