Sunday, August 09, 2015


Left: Jeeves Right:Colin

I thought since I need to do a bit of catching up on this blog, the first thing I should address is our new addtions to the family, our two little guineas!

I have always wanted a dog of my own ever since I flew the nest of my parents house, however, me and Paul work full time and have only ever lived in flat which would just be infair for the doggy. As a way to take my mind off not aving a dog for a while, I decided to invest in some flat/ full time working, friendly pets, so I got two guineas! Paul was such an enabler with this too. I was sat at work and our systems were down so I ended up googling guinea pigs on my phone, then that night I explained to Paul and he said, "Well lets jsut go get some then..." and that night, we went to Pets At Home, and I came home with Jeeves and Colin!

Since then, they have become the most pampered piggies ever, and their home alone is like a piggy mansion! haha. I love them so much and it is so cute seeing their two different personalities shine htrogh. They can be a little high maintenence i will admit. I have to get up that little bit earlier ever morning to sweep out their cage and feed them, as well as again as soon as I get home, and allocating some piggy floor time and cuddle time every evening. However, they are a lot less maintenence than a dog and a nice introduction to owning a pet. I have chosen to keep them on fleece bedding as you can see in the pictures, rather than wood shavings, as it is so much easier to clean out and maintain, plus they do tend to kick sawdust out of the cage and it would get all over the carpet everyday!

They are still young and can be very excitable which is so cute. They dont tend to enjoy getting their nails clipped but they surprisingly do not mind having a bath! They also come in handy for my garden as I can just pick out all the dandelion leave and give them to them!

I hope you enjoyed meeting my little piggies, I'll be back again soon to give you a few more updates on what has happened in my life since I last blogged a few months ago.

Let me know if you have any pets and any pictures of them, I'm such an animal person and I'd love to see them!

Alison xx

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