Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Empties #1

So I thought I'd hop on the empties bandwagon. I'm not someone who goes through masses of stuff every month, cause quite frankly I'm a student and can't afford to buy masses of stuff to get through! So, I thought I would keep a hold of some of the products I've finished since quite a few things seemed to empty at the same time, and I'll just do these when that sorta thing happens again.

I looooved this mascara. I bought it in a set during the Boots boxing day/January sales as I'd heard a lot about it and noticed Sunbeams Jess wearing it in her YouTube videos and her lashes just looked amazing. I'm quite sad to see it go, however the set did come with 3 other Lancome mascara minis so I'm moving onto those now. Although I really loved this mascara, it's defintiely not something I would repurchase time and time again as I feel you can almost get the same effect from many different drugstore mascaras, my favourite being the Maybelline Rocket Volume. However, if I feel like treating myself again or see it on offer I will no doubt pick it up again!

I think this may be the third bottle I've gotten through, or maybe fourth. I do really love this foundation, it's the only rimmel one I've been able to get along with. Its definitley a medium to high coverage which is quite good for me because if I'm at uni or work I don't really have a chance to top up my makeup so low maintainence is best. I find toward the end of the day it clings to dry patches and gets pretty patchy in general, however that may be due to me not wearing a primer, which is something I'm going to try out next. I'm currently using L'Oreal True Match and I don't think I like it as much as this Rimmel due to the lack of staying power, so I'll most likely go back to Rimmel next, or perhaps Bourjois or Revlon....

I quite enjoyed using this concealer, it seemed to last forever! In fact I can probably still get a couple more uses out of this, it seems like its bottomless! I don't love the coverage as much as the Collection concealer everyone loves, however the brightening effect under my eyes and on top of the cheekbones is lovely and I may have to go pick another of these up soon!

I've lost count how many of these I've gone through, I normally go for the Blush scent, however I've really been drawn to the tropical recently. Brilliant dry shampoo, does what it says on the tin and the large size means it lasts quite a while. However, I may have found a new favourite...popped into Tesco today to restock and instead picked up two Pantene dry shampoos as they were on offer. I tried one when I got back and instantly loved it, so we'll see how they go and if they continue to impress me you'll definitely be hearing about it! Plus they smell amazing...

This is my all time favourite body butter scent from the Body Shop and I got this a good year ago. They seem to last forever, especially if you have a few different butters or moisturisers on the go. I'll definitely be repurchasing this, though I currently have the satsuma one on the go, but once I've worked through that I may have to pick this one up again. Its a lot thicker than some of the other scents, including the satsuma which has a totally different consistency, therefore it seems to work wonders on my feet, elbows and knees, a definite must have for the colder seasons!

I picked this up after hearing a lot about cleansing oils and that this one was one of the best for it's price. I did enjoy using it, though I did find the bottle a bit messy. Although it was a nice cleanser and took my makeup off successfully, I'm not sure it did anything drastic to my skin. I may repurchase, but I tend to try different cleansers, based on which catches my eye, however I think this was a good one for over winter especially for dry skin.

And last but not least, another body shop item. I loved this night cream, lovely and thick and made my skin feel lovely and soft. Again, same as cleansers, I tend not to stick to just one moisturiser all of the time so I will probably try some others, but if I happen to be in or around the body shop when my current one is about to run out I'll probably pick this up again!

There we have it! Sorry if this was quite rambly, but I quite enjoyed looking back on the products and made me think about whether they're definitely worth their price tag after using.

Let me know if you've tried any of these or have any good alternatives!

Alison xx

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