Saturday, February 07, 2015


 So since I've started my final year at university, I wanted to give myself a little motivation to get stuff done, and what other way to do that than to buy pretty things?! It's exactly the same and buying expensive brightly coloured nike trainers and sports bras to motivate you to get to the gym!

I can never get any work done unless I'm sitting at a desk. I've found that through many years of attempting to work on my laptop lying in bed and resorting to watching youtube and netflix instead. If I'm sat at a desk it seems to automatically put me in a working frame of mind, possibly something devloped from my school days, I dont know the actual psychology behind it but I'm sure theres something.

I decied to have a shuffle around the office and spruce up my desk a bit in order to make me much happier to sit at it. After a trip to Ikea to buy a few bits, I bought myself the cute little purple orchid to bring a bit of life and colour to the area.

As an attempt to tidy things up a little I dug out an old empty jar from the kitchen cupboard for my pens, pretty sure that jar was full of pickles in its previous life. The other plant is just an old fake one from Ikea years ago, again just to bring a bit more colour to the area. I stuck up some of the polaroids that I've taken so far to give me something happy to look at when my focus is drifting and added my little 'Alison' candle holder for a little personality. Also, the little origami fortune teller you can see is actually the self promotion I made last year at uni for my degree which I still quite like.

It's only a little desk so I couldnt really get loads on it, plus if it were too cluttered I think I'd just get distracted. I now really kinda look forward to getting up and getting some work done in my new revamped desk area!
I can also spend hours on pinterest looking at different desk inspiration so I'm sure it'll not be long til I've seen something I love and end up changing this all round again!

Hope you love a bit of desk arranging as much as I do!

Alison xx

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  1. looks like a lovely spot to work in, i looove a bit of desk arranging! x