Friday, February 20, 2015


Today consisted of a quick presentation at university and some impulse buys!
I made a small order on ASOS the other day which also came so I thought I may as well photograph those too.

The top was from Vera Moda and the trousers are New Look Tall. I've been wanting to try some patterned trousers for some time now and I finally took the plunge as I'm deperate for the warm weather to return. I thought I'd ease myself in with these as the pattern isn't too out there and due to the darker colours I think they are quite a nice 'transitional piece' and I can get away with wearing them now as well as more in the summer/autumn time. I absolutely love them and I feel I may be becoming more adventourous and may even buy more in summer, who knows! The top as well is pretty summery but I thought it would go really nicely with the trousers. The fabrics of both are really soft and its a lovely flowly outfit for the warmer months, when you don't want anything restricting and tight when its bloody boiling! I know I'm getting way ahead of myself thinking of summer already but I can't resist, as soon as christmas is over I want it to be warm again!

I've also discovered this Zara bag which I have my eye on and may have to purchase after a pay day or two, cause I really need to start saving! I love it. At first I thought it may be a little too much tassle, but I think I should just be a little adventrous and try to rock it! haha.

So on my way home from uni today I popped into tesco to buy some food for tea tonight and ended up coming out with a Breville Blend Active and a Bobble water bottle as well. I've wanted a smoothie maker for a while, since the Nutri Bullet became all the rage. However, I definitely do not have £100 to spend. The Blend Active is only £30, comes with two bottles, one for me and the other half, and seems to be just as good! I've only had the one smoothie with it so far since I got in but I think it's gonna be a big hit, especially over summer!

The bobble water bottle is also something I've wanted for a while as I'm normally re-using shop bought water bottles and I've heard all the horror stories of the plastic etc etc. This was £10 and the filter re-fills are £5 from Tesco. Considering how much water I drink I just thought it would be an investment, plus it saves me getting up every two minutes to fill my water bottle as its 1L!

Have you guys treated yourselves to any impluse purhcases recently?

Alison xx

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