Sunday, February 15, 2015



This week got off to a pretty crappy start. On Monday evening something in me just turned and I suddenly felt rotten and couldn't keep even water down, sorry for the tmi! It was awful, I couldn't move all night and I had some excruciating pain in my back so didn't sleep at all. Spent all of Tuesday trying to recover in bed as it was my driving test on Wednesday! Thankfully I felt much better on the Wednesday morning, but still not quite 100%, by the time my test was over I was ready to fall into a heap on the sofa and sleep for 24 hours. But, I PASSED! I was so relieved, but couldn't really take it in or celebrate it because my head was just so cloudy and I was still ill and not quite all with it. So, instead, I celebrated passing by eating chips on the sofa under a duvet, and watching Great British Bake Off Comic Relief Special and Charmed from the start on Netflix!

Although it was nice actually giving myself a bit of a break from constantly doing something, there was always somehing in he back of my mind reminding me on how much work I'm not getting done and going to need to catch up on. I guess that must mean I'm a bit of a workaholic? I never thought I was, but I just can't seem to fully switch off and relax, possibly part of the reason I got so ill in the first place.

Thursday was spent catching up on housework and writing to do lists and making a start on some of the work I'm now really rather behind with and still working on feeling better.

On Friday my parents came down to Salford to see me and my sister as it was her birthday Saturday and I work weekends so they came a day early to see both of us as the school my sister teaches in broke up for half term on Thursday. We spent the day in Manchester then went to a pub for an evening meal in Media City in Salford. I was exhausted by the end of the day and just wanted my bed, and the thought of getting up to open the cafe on the weekend made me rather sulky. However when I did get home my boyfriend had some cute little valentines surprises waiting for me, which is extrememly unlike him, trust me! He bought all the ingredients for my favourite meal, fajitas, a bottle of champage, Tanya Burrs book, a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates, and even surprised me with tickets for Box of Light in the Soup Kitchen in Manchester! He did very well, the little cutie, haha. So on Saturday when I finished work we spent the evening at home drinking champagne and in a mexican food/chocolate coma on the sofa, it was wonderful!

Another busy week next week so I'm glad I'm feeling a lot better so I can tackle it!
Hope you had a lovely week and valentines!

Alison xx

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  1. Aww sorry to hear your week was so bad!! Congrats on passing your test though!! :) <3 Xx