Thursday, February 26, 2015


So today I popped into town after university to pick up the L'oreal Match Perfection foundation as I really wanted a change, and the Real Techniques makeup sponge. because I'd heard a lot of good things about it. Turns out I ended up coming home with a lot more than I intended on buying...
I picked up this Revlon blush as I could do with a new blush and this is just a shade pinker than my favourite blush by Mac, Gingerly, so I thought I'd give it a try for the Summer months. I also picked up Revlon Vixen as a repurchase because it's my favourite nail varnish, like ever.

I had a quick pop into Primark because it was pretty empty at that time of day and I can never bear it when it's busy. I didn;t have a proper look becuase I didn't aim to spend too much, and I needed to get home and do some work. While speedily walking around I managed to pick up two lovely sets of underwear, a Vanilla and Coconut candle (mainly because I thought the pot would be good for storing makeup brushes) a new makeup bag, a brown shoulder bag and a lovely striped top. Oh, I also grabbed one of the matte lipsticks in this very Taylor Swift-esque red! Quite the steal for £1.50 I thought!

So yeah, more impulse, buys, whups! Have you found any lovely bits in Primark recently?

Alison xx


  1. Can't believe the lipstick was £1.50! Looks like you had a great haul x

    Amy |

  2. Thank you! Such a bargin, and a lovely colour! Doesnt seem to last all that long though, unfortunatley, but it's definitely cheap enough to keep topping up!