Friday, February 06, 2015


I made another short little vlog of what we got up to on Paul's birthday on Sunday. Unfortunately, we were both a little to busy enjoying the day to get a lot of clips so I didnt have an awful lot to work with, but I think it still turned out okay! I really want to start weekly vlogging but my life it just too boring, I'd have nothing to film! haha. Maybe one day!

Also thought I'd include a little update here. We've both had a bit of a nightmarish week, nothing has gone right, especially with technology. Long story short, the computer bits paul got for his birthday to build his pc have been sent away for replacement, my mum has sent me my old iphone 4 because my 5c has drowned and is still in a bag of rice, its 3:35pm on Friday afternoon and all I have done this week university-wise is design 2 double page spreads of my magazine. I'm extrememly far behind now because of this week but I'mma suck it up and work super hard next week! Feeling postive and all that! Haha.

I'm opening and closing the cafe both days this weekend so I already know I won't get much done on the evenings, but I'm allowing myself those two nights to chill out and prepare for next weeks busy-ness!

Anyways, enjoy the vlog!

Alison xxx

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