Thursday, January 15, 2015


Nikon D3200

As part of my 'kinda new years resolution', I finally took the plunge and bought myself and entry level DSLR. I've wanted one for many years now, and since my student loan went in the other day, and I needed a slight bit of cheering up, I just went for it. I'm such a newbie when it comes to photography so I've got a lot to learn, but after shoving my nose in the manual all night when I got it, I've actually picked up quite a few things already. The two pictures above are of course just me getting to grips with the settings and what they mean, but I can't wait to take it out places and take some beautiful images and videos. Hopefully I can dabble into a bit of artsy vlogging now!

I've also spent all day giving the blog a bit of a revamp. A lot of my previos posts have disappeared due to the pictures going missing, however I'm starting fresh - yet again - for 2015!

Hope your year has gotten off to a happy and positive start!

Happy 2015!

Alison x


  1. Aww a new Camera is always exciting - can't wait to see the pictures! xx

    Suki and the City

  2. exciting! looking forward to seeing your pictures :) x

    // The Dress Diaries