Monday, January 05, 2015


Happy (belated) New Year!
I know I'm neglecting this blog but I got a lot of uni shizz going on at the moment but I'll still pop in here and there for a quick post :)
So this year me and my boyfriend have decided we would really like to start documenting our lives a little more, somewhat inspired by the polaroid camera he got me for christmas, and also from daily/weekly vloggers we watch on youtube.

So, we thought we'd take the plunge and create a YouTube channel. This is mainly just for us, to look back on, plus I've always loved video editing, I actually have a verrrry old youtube channel from when I was a little teen and used to create videos of me and my friends! So cringey! I just wanted to experiment and do something in my spare time thats creative and something I enjoy, rather than just lazing about watching tv mindlessley. I really want to learn a lot about filming and editing as it interests me and I love the feeling of watching back something that you've made look really professional and beautiful. Alongside this I'm on the hunt and saving for a DSLR so I can take some beautiful photographs as well as videos.
Anyways, as a kick start to this I quickly edited together a New Years Eve video of what we got up to in the flat. This mainly consisted of drinking strange alcoholic concoctions, playing the Walking Dead Monopoly and Call of Duty on the ps3 online. It was quite a fun night actually, I much prefer staying in on NYE that going into town/pubs etc.

Take a look here!

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