Monday, January 19, 2015


After messing around with my new camera for a few days now I finally understand the frustration of converting lovely photographs to jpeg. As a graphic designer, this is something I usually try to avoid at all costs due to the huge reduction of quality, except now I need to convert them from RAW images to JPEG for my blog, it kinda hurts a little to see the comparison haha. I know a lot of people will think I'm ridiculous, but I'm sure any perfectionists/photographers/designers will agree with me!

I'm spending my night tonight chilling out with all the candles on (it's freezing in my flat and they slightly help to warm it up...very they look so cosy!) and watching tv, youtube and reading blogs. My boyfriend also cooked us a delicious spag bol, which is his speciality in the kitchen, yum!  It's sorta my last night of 'freedom' as I'm cracking back down on uni stuff as of tomrrow after a short tutorial in the morning. I really wanna try and get back into my course a bit this last semester, I've really lost all motivation for it recently, I think I'm just ready for a job and to see the end of university now.

Hope you're also having a lovely chilled out Monday evening too!

Alison x

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