Thursday, January 22, 2015


Last night me and my boyfriend decided to finally celebrate our year anniversary almost a month later by a little date night. We rarely get the chance to spend an evening out together because most of the time we're skint and saving for rent and bills. However, since we had an occassion to celebrate and got our student loans last week we decided we were due  a treat. Neither of us have ever had a Wagamamas so we decided to take a trip to Media City in Salford to go try it! I thought I'd take my camera out to take a few snaps because Media City is pretty impressive. It's got such a somewhat futuristic atmosphere, and seems like Manchesters own little section of London with all of the lights and tv studios. I kinda take it for granted a litte becuase I go to university here, but it really is pretty impressive, especially for Salford which is an area which doesnt have the nicest reputation.

Anyways, back to the food! Haha. I ordered the Teriyaki Beef Soba which was bloody delicous! My boyfriend had the Teriyaki Beef Donburi, and we were both very much impressed. It is definitely somewhere I would go again, however for some reason niether of us were properly filled up by it. I don't know whether that was just because we were both quite hungry to begin with, or just because we're so used to eating burgers and extrememly stodgy food when we go out to eat! Neither of us are totally comfortable in restaurants, if we go out to eat its normally in a pub, so it was something different and I do think we would go again if we want to treat ourselves, but we do tend to try and go somewhere new all of the time.

Afterwards, we went next door to our favourite ever pub, The Dockyard. It's not the cheapest when it comes to student budgets and pubs, but that is expected due to its location and probably just because I've gotten used to £2 pints from the student union! However, the price never really puts me off simply because I aboslutley love the atmosphere. The decor is particulalry interesting, with a sort of industrial/freecycled theme running throughout. For example, there is no ceiling, just the basic roof, the chairs and stools all look like they've come from old schools or made out of different scrap parts. There is an awful lot of bare wood and steel bolts and Chesterfield sofas and booths to relax in. The music is always on point, with mainly old classics and 90s number ones, all songs which most people know the words to. They're also got a huge range of drinks on tap and in bottles behind the bar, and a wide range of spirits. Last night I indulged in a pint of Becks and lime, always a classic for me, then a Ophir gin and Ginger Ale, which was reccommended on the menu, and a Donburi gin and Ting, which was really rather nice! They've always got a large range of ales which change each day, which is a big hit with my other half and theres always something happening. Be it simply a film on in the background on the projector, one time I remember Baz Lurhamann's Great Gatsby was one which I appreciated haha, or they also host open mic nights and 'Rock the Dock' for local bands to perfom. It's a wonderful friendly atmosphere and I highly recommend it to anyone who is nearby or visiting the area. They even do incredible looking food which I am yet to try, but its definitely next on the list!

I edited together a short little video of the night and you can check it out below!

Alison xx

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