Tuesday, January 27, 2015


So I feel like the past few posts on my blog have been slightly negative, mainly me complaining about feeling overwhelmed with university and stressed with life in general. So, I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and start spreading some positivity instead!

I've listed 35 things that make me happy off the top of my head, in no particular order, to show that its much easier to think of things that make you happy, than that make you sad. Plus, once you get started you think of more and more things and it just generally lifts your mood, and I could definitely go on for much longer! So if you're feeling down, or just generally want to think about happy and positive things, then please feel free to think of your own and tell me them!

1. Waking up feeling like you've had the best, most refreshing nights sleep.
2. Fairy lights.
3. Watching/listening to the rain whilst being cosy and warm inside.
4. Going new places.
5. Spontaneity
6. Food.
7. My other half.
8. Long catch up conversations with the best friends.
9. Music.
10. Designing something I love.
11. Completing a design/project and loving it.
12. Completing to-do lists.
13. Fresh bed sheets.
14. Candles.
15. Summer evenings and sunsets.
16. Making a meal which tastes incredible.
17. When your hair and makeup looks effortlessly brilliant.
18. Watching youtube.
19. Reading blogs.
20. Lovely comments.
22. Cute texts (I know, how corny)
23. That accomplished feeling after working out, once you're finished dying/gasping for air.
24. Cheesy rom com movies.
25. A good music playlist.
26. Slumping on the sofa/in bed after a long day.
27. Spending time with the family.
28. Making others smile.
29. A really good cup of tea/coffee.
30. The smell of freshly cut grass in summer. 
31. Series binging on Netflix.
32. Having a productive day.
33. Having a lazy 'me-time' day.
34. Long Walks.
35. Eating peanut butter from the jar.
Now I'd love to hear yours! Either leave them in a comment or link me to your own post!

Alison  xx

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