Friday, January 30, 2015


I've been wanting to re-vamp my make up storage for a while now, but while we're living in this flat I don't wannas spend loads making it look amazing as we don't plan on living here much longer after university when we're both working and can afford somewhere nicer.
I've been scowering ebay recently, seeing what jems they have and theres plenty, all very affordable too!
I can't wait to move somewhere which I can decorate all nicely though, hopefully we're gonna save up a bit and get somewhere unfurnished next time, so we can really make it our own.

Do you have a makeup storage solution you're proud of? Please let me know, I'd love to see it!

Alison xx

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


So I feel like the past few posts on my blog have been slightly negative, mainly me complaining about feeling overwhelmed with university and stressed with life in general. So, I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and start spreading some positivity instead!

I've listed 35 things that make me happy off the top of my head, in no particular order, to show that its much easier to think of things that make you happy, than that make you sad. Plus, once you get started you think of more and more things and it just generally lifts your mood, and I could definitely go on for much longer! So if you're feeling down, or just generally want to think about happy and positive things, then please feel free to think of your own and tell me them!

1. Waking up feeling like you've had the best, most refreshing nights sleep.
2. Fairy lights.
3. Watching/listening to the rain whilst being cosy and warm inside.
4. Going new places.
5. Spontaneity
6. Food.
7. My other half.
8. Long catch up conversations with the best friends.
9. Music.
10. Designing something I love.
11. Completing a design/project and loving it.
12. Completing to-do lists.
13. Fresh bed sheets.
14. Candles.
15. Summer evenings and sunsets.
16. Making a meal which tastes incredible.
17. When your hair and makeup looks effortlessly brilliant.
18. Watching youtube.
19. Reading blogs.
20. Lovely comments.
22. Cute texts (I know, how corny)
23. That accomplished feeling after working out, once you're finished dying/gasping for air.
24. Cheesy rom com movies.
25. A good music playlist.
26. Slumping on the sofa/in bed after a long day.
27. Spending time with the family.
28. Making others smile.
29. A really good cup of tea/coffee.
30. The smell of freshly cut grass in summer. 
31. Series binging on Netflix.
32. Having a productive day.
33. Having a lazy 'me-time' day.
34. Long Walks.
35. Eating peanut butter from the jar.
Now I'd love to hear yours! Either leave them in a comment or link me to your own post!

Alison  xx

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Last night was very chilly in the flat. I was feeling a bit fed up and overwhelmed by university and the thought of having to get up at 7am in the freezing cold to go open up at work in the morning just made me miserable. I know I should be thankful for having a part-time job and the opportunity to do my course at uni, but sometimes it gets a bit much and, lets face it, no-one really enjoys getting up at the crack of dawn for their part time job when they are a lazy university student.

In order to make myself feel better I lit every candle I could and brought them into the bedroom. I even switched on the radiator! That's big when you're a poor student! haha. I've been avoiding turning on the heating all winter but tonight the boyfriend insisted, so I'm blaming him, hehe. Treated myself to a bit of 'me time' by reading the latest Computer Arts magazine, watching youtube and reading blogs.

Sometimes we all need a bit of a switch off. Though I should probably work on switching off all social media and just reading for a bit, it's getting a bit ridiculous how much I'm scolling endlessly on my phone or laptop. Theres been times I've finished reading twitter on my phone, to go and open my laptop and load twitter, I think thats a sign I need s few hours away from it all! haha.

Feel free to let me know how you like to switch off on an evening in order to raise your spirits!

Alison xx

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Last night me and my boyfriend decided to finally celebrate our year anniversary almost a month later by a little date night. We rarely get the chance to spend an evening out together because most of the time we're skint and saving for rent and bills. However, since we had an occassion to celebrate and got our student loans last week we decided we were due  a treat. Neither of us have ever had a Wagamamas so we decided to take a trip to Media City in Salford to go try it! I thought I'd take my camera out to take a few snaps because Media City is pretty impressive. It's got such a somewhat futuristic atmosphere, and seems like Manchesters own little section of London with all of the lights and tv studios. I kinda take it for granted a litte becuase I go to university here, but it really is pretty impressive, especially for Salford which is an area which doesnt have the nicest reputation.

Anyways, back to the food! Haha. I ordered the Teriyaki Beef Soba which was bloody delicous! My boyfriend had the Teriyaki Beef Donburi, and we were both very much impressed. It is definitely somewhere I would go again, however for some reason niether of us were properly filled up by it. I don't know whether that was just because we were both quite hungry to begin with, or just because we're so used to eating burgers and extrememly stodgy food when we go out to eat! Neither of us are totally comfortable in restaurants, if we go out to eat its normally in a pub, so it was something different and I do think we would go again if we want to treat ourselves, but we do tend to try and go somewhere new all of the time.

Afterwards, we went next door to our favourite ever pub, The Dockyard. It's not the cheapest when it comes to student budgets and pubs, but that is expected due to its location and probably just because I've gotten used to £2 pints from the student union! However, the price never really puts me off simply because I aboslutley love the atmosphere. The decor is particulalry interesting, with a sort of industrial/freecycled theme running throughout. For example, there is no ceiling, just the basic roof, the chairs and stools all look like they've come from old schools or made out of different scrap parts. There is an awful lot of bare wood and steel bolts and Chesterfield sofas and booths to relax in. The music is always on point, with mainly old classics and 90s number ones, all songs which most people know the words to. They're also got a huge range of drinks on tap and in bottles behind the bar, and a wide range of spirits. Last night I indulged in a pint of Becks and lime, always a classic for me, then a Ophir gin and Ginger Ale, which was reccommended on the menu, and a Donburi gin and Ting, which was really rather nice! They've always got a large range of ales which change each day, which is a big hit with my other half and theres always something happening. Be it simply a film on in the background on the projector, one time I remember Baz Lurhamann's Great Gatsby was one which I appreciated haha, or they also host open mic nights and 'Rock the Dock' for local bands to perfom. It's a wonderful friendly atmosphere and I highly recommend it to anyone who is nearby or visiting the area. They even do incredible looking food which I am yet to try, but its definitely next on the list!

I edited together a short little video of the night and you can check it out below!

Alison xx

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


 jumper: H&M
jeans: TopShop Joni Tall
Boots: As per usual....sorry!

Today's meeting in uni made me finally realise just how much work this last semester is going to entail. I'm a little bit overwhelmed. My ideas for my final project have been given the okay. For mine I will be creating a magazine, alongisde filling a sketchbook with doodles/typography daily, and a live brief from YCN. In addition to all of those I have to complete my dissertation, revamp my portfolio and personal branding ready for leaving and also making sure my website is up to scratch. To say this last semester is going to be stressfull is an understatement, but I'm sure it'll feel like a pretty good achievement at the end of it all, which is MAY 8TH!!

Todays outfit is another simple one, and I apologise for the dr.marten serena's, again, theyre just the best shoes ever for this time of year! I was mainly just playing around with my new tripod in these images and working out situations and light settings. In the background on the door you can see my horrible purple hair dye hand prints which I've not managed to scrub off since I dyed my hair back dark, whoops, should probably get round to that....

Now I must crack on making lists and plans for my final project, and I also need to the clean the oven. Growing up sucks...haha!

Hope you're enjoying this lovely sunny wintery day!

Alison xx

Monday, January 19, 2015


After messing around with my new camera for a few days now I finally understand the frustration of converting lovely photographs to jpeg. As a graphic designer, this is something I usually try to avoid at all costs due to the huge reduction of quality, except now I need to convert them from RAW images to JPEG for my blog, it kinda hurts a little to see the comparison haha. I know a lot of people will think I'm ridiculous, but I'm sure any perfectionists/photographers/designers will agree with me!

I'm spending my night tonight chilling out with all the candles on (it's freezing in my flat and they slightly help to warm it up...very they look so cosy!) and watching tv, youtube and reading blogs. My boyfriend also cooked us a delicious spag bol, which is his speciality in the kitchen, yum!  It's sorta my last night of 'freedom' as I'm cracking back down on uni stuff as of tomrrow after a short tutorial in the morning. I really wanna try and get back into my course a bit this last semester, I've really lost all motivation for it recently, I think I'm just ready for a job and to see the end of university now.

Hope you're also having a lovely chilled out Monday evening too!

Alison x

Friday, January 16, 2015


jumper: urban outfitters
leggings: topshop tall
boots: dr.marten serenas (tan)
eyes: barry m shadow palette
lips: kate moss for rimmel lasting finish in rosetta

Today was a day for waiting around for parcels and a trip to tesco for pizza to curb the greasy food cravings, so not much of an exciting outfit or face but I thought I'd give the new camera a go.
I've placed an order for a tripod as it will make life so much easier when taking outfit posts and such like, and they were some really affordable ones on amazon so I couldnt resist, it may also encourage me to perhaps make more youtube videos. I'm on a suuuuuper spending ban now though, need to do some serious saving!
Finally got all of my boyfriends birthday presents sorted, after an angry phonecall to dpd this morning after they didnt ring our bell to the flat, even though the parcel was already a day later because they screwed up yesterday and sent it to the wrong depot. Thankfully they managed to contactt the driver and he came back at 5ish so no more parcel waiting. I quite like dpd because I love their parcel tracking where you can see exactly where your delivery is at all times, but that really annoyed me this mornig, I know, I'm terrible haha. Its a huge pet peeve of mine when postmen simply walk away a second after pressing the bell, or not pressing it at all, or as my mum says "knock on the door with a sponge' haha. 
After the palava this morning we popped to tesco for a few bits we needed then I saw goodfellas takaway pizzas on offer and half price ben and jerry's, so I simply couldnt resist! I've been eating really quite healthily since christmas and doing my pilates and jillian michales workouts so I thought I was due a treat! 
Planning on doing some pilates, having a little tidy round the flat then sitting down to watch big brother with said ben and jerry's tonight. I'm at work all weekend so I reckon a relaxed netflix/terrible tv evening is in order! 
 Good Evening!
Alison x

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Nikon D3200

As part of my 'kinda new years resolution', I finally took the plunge and bought myself and entry level DSLR. I've wanted one for many years now, and since my student loan went in the other day, and I needed a slight bit of cheering up, I just went for it. I'm such a newbie when it comes to photography so I've got a lot to learn, but after shoving my nose in the manual all night when I got it, I've actually picked up quite a few things already. The two pictures above are of course just me getting to grips with the settings and what they mean, but I can't wait to take it out places and take some beautiful images and videos. Hopefully I can dabble into a bit of artsy vlogging now!

I've also spent all day giving the blog a bit of a revamp. A lot of my previos posts have disappeared due to the pictures going missing, however I'm starting fresh - yet again - for 2015!

Hope your year has gotten off to a happy and positive start!

Happy 2015!

Alison x

Monday, January 05, 2015


Happy (belated) New Year!
I know I'm neglecting this blog but I got a lot of uni shizz going on at the moment but I'll still pop in here and there for a quick post :)
So this year me and my boyfriend have decided we would really like to start documenting our lives a little more, somewhat inspired by the polaroid camera he got me for christmas, and also from daily/weekly vloggers we watch on youtube.

So, we thought we'd take the plunge and create a YouTube channel. This is mainly just for us, to look back on, plus I've always loved video editing, I actually have a verrrry old youtube channel from when I was a little teen and used to create videos of me and my friends! So cringey! I just wanted to experiment and do something in my spare time thats creative and something I enjoy, rather than just lazing about watching tv mindlessley. I really want to learn a lot about filming and editing as it interests me and I love the feeling of watching back something that you've made look really professional and beautiful. Alongside this I'm on the hunt and saving for a DSLR so I can take some beautiful photographs as well as videos.
Anyways, as a kick start to this I quickly edited together a New Years Eve video of what we got up to in the flat. This mainly consisted of drinking strange alcoholic concoctions, playing the Walking Dead Monopoly and Call of Duty on the ps3 online. It was quite a fun night actually, I much prefer staying in on NYE that going into town/pubs etc.

Take a look here!