Friday, August 29, 2014


 Shirt: Gypsy Warrior
Jumper: H&M
Leggings: Topshop Tall
Boots: Dr Marten Serena's in Tan
Possibly the most unprofessional outfit of the day shots but I've got literally nowhere to balance my camera in this new flat and I havent quite figured a solution out yet so dirty mirror photos will have to do until I come up with some kind of genius idea or I take the plunge and buy a tripod. You even get to see te ugly brown carpet that runs through the two bedrooms in this flat, haha. Eventually I'll buy a tripod because I really wanna save for a DSLR but for now I'm making do without.

I really liked this outfit, it was the first thing I pulled out of my waredrobe this morning and looking effortlessly fashionable. It's wonderfully comfortable for a day of not doing much which is my day today. I also love these Dr Marten Serena boots. I've had my eye on them since last winter but decided to treat myself to them this year because I think they will last fo years and I'll definitely get my money's worth, they can be worn with almost any outfit!

I'm also not sure what colour my hair is, it changes in differnt lights, sometimes is blonde, sometimes its brown. I'm embracing it for now before I go back to a proper light brown, it's quite nice, I think...I'm so indecisive...